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What you need to know when it comes to havesting with Pontrilas Sawmills...


At Pontrilas Sawmills we pride ourselves in professional timber harvesting and timber transport logistics. We specialise in thinning and clear-felling operations, using clean and safe methods of harvesting with qualified and experienced harvesting crews. By offering the full package when it comes to forestry services, we can ensure that the costs are kept to a minimum and help maximise financial return for growers.

Our timber buyers can offer a vast range of knowledge and technical expertise on how best to harvest your timber, and we aim to ensure that every client gets the best possible level of service. There is no middle management fee and our complete service is offered free as part of the process when selling your timber. Our experience ranges from site planning, carrying out risk assessments, method statements and offering up to date timber valuations, and market intelligence. Our offer of in-house services can give you higher returns, increasing your profits.

At Pontrilas Sawmills we support all size landowners, from some of the bigger public and private land managers, to some of the smaller landowners across England and Wales.



Mark Price - Harvesting Director

07814 079457


Steve Craig

07969 604341


Kevin Jones - North

07866 979470


Casey Hughes – South

07855 272806



What we are looking for...       

(If you are unsure on how much volume you potentially have, why not give us a call to arrange a site visit)                 


  • Good quality milling Oak

  • Ash

  • Beech 

  • Chestnut

  • Poplar


  • Sitka spruce

  • Norway spruce

  • Douglas  Fir

  • Japanese  Larch

  • We also will look at other species of mixed conifer including Western Hemlock.