Pontrilas Sawmills
  • Environmental Policy

Policy Statement

The Pontrilas Group of Companies will plan, conduct and monitor its operations using the Best Practicable means to protect the environment from impairment.

The concepts of Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) and duty of care will be implemented to establish high standards of operation in all the Companies activities, for which adherence will be mandatory.  These will comply with or exceed regulatory controls or codes of practice where they are available.

The Pontrilas Group of Companies will continue to develop and improve its operational standards as a result both of its own efforts and using appropriate available worldwide technological developments.

Company Strategy

The Companies first step is to turn the Environmental Policy into practice. Hence this strategy to achieve the policy objectives.

The Company strategy will:

  1. Take into account all activities, including those parts which are already considered to be efficient.
  2. Fix a baseline to enable improvements to be evaluated, determining first what regulations and standards are relevant and secondly what technological and product developments have occurred recently.
  3. Record raw material and energy usage, wastes and emissions, etc.
  4. Seek opportunities to turn waste into profitable by-products or to recycle and explore the possibility of more effective and economic methods for waste disposal.
  5. Encourage employees to provide suggestions for improvement, rewarding them as appropriate.
  6. Make sure contractors perform to the Companies satisfaction.
  7. Explore whether energy and raw material usage and the production of waste could be further reduced.
  8. Set up means to enable the Companies to maintain good links with the local community and the press and media.
  9. Monitor performance and make sure there is regular review.